Solar Power Efficiency

Solar panels are fast becoming the most popular, effective and efficient renewable, economic, clean and green form of power for your work or home. Solar panels collect solar radiation from the sun and convert the energy into electricity that powers your home and workplace.

There are many and varied solar panels available for purchase in the marketplace and it is extremely important to do your homework on the most appropriate solar panel for your home or office to ensure value and most importantly efficiency. Solar panel efficiency refers to the amount of solar radiation a solar panel receives and thus converts into electricity.

There are many other factors to be aware of when purchasing a solar panel such as adverse weather conditions or obstructions to the solar panel from direct sunlight (shading) and the angle of installation.

When installing a solar panel in your home or at work it is often best to place them on the roof where they will receive the most amount of sunlight to increase solar efficiency. It is possible to purchase a rotating mount for your solar panels placed on your roof so it can follow the path of the sun.

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